PrisonGuy – An Introduction to Federal Prison Camp

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Introduction to this site

My name is Adam and I’m a convicted felon. I spent over two years defending myself in court and spent close to $100,000 in attorney fees. I was convicted of a white collar crime and spent two years in the custody of the BOP. I was held at FPC Montgomery, located in Alabama. When first sentenced, I was very afraid of going to prison, because I had no idea what to expect. I only knew what I saw on TV.  

Introduction to Federal Prison Camp

I created this blog to give you an accurate picture about what life is really like inside a Federal Prison Camp. I don’t claim to be an expert in all prison security levels, but I can give you lots of information about a camp since I lived in one for two years. To qualify for a camp you must have less than 10 years remaining on your sentence and must not have committed a violent crime. About 30% of the inmates at FPC Montgomery were white collar and the rest where low level drug offenders. I met a wide array of professionals, from congressmen, mayors, governors, judges, lawyers, doctors, and well-known CEOs. In my future posts I will try my best to prepare you for your stay at a federal prison camp.

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