Federal Prison Camp Living Area and TV Rooms

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Federal Prison Camp Montgomery

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about life inside a prison camp, so I plan on covering one of the following topics each week.

Commissary, Restriction while here, Call outs/Cop Outs, Team meetings, Issued Items (clothing Hygiene) Medical/Dental Pill Line, Education, Shots and Infractions, Chapel, Overall dealing with staff, Dining Facility, Visiting, Recreation, and Age differences.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask using the contact form on this site. I will always try my best to answer them.

Today, I will focus on the living area for anyone interested on how prisoners at FPC Montgomery live. We lived in an open cubicle style cell. It was 9ft by 8ft. It had two wall lockers hanging on a 5ft cement block wall. The wall lockers are approx 2ft x 3ft. It held all of my prison possessions. We had bunk beds and a small table that is shared with my cell mate to write on.

We were given one folding chair that was priceless in prison. You carry your chair everywhere in the building with you. If you watch TV you carry your chair or you will have no seat. We had three TV rooms in the top floor where I lived. There were a total of 7 TV’s in the rooms. No volume on the TV’s, you must have headphones and a radio to hear the TV.

TV rooms are roughly 10×15 feet open spaces and like I said, you have to bring your own chair. Although, in prison much like kindergarten you have a spot. Now you will never know your in someone’s spot until they show up to tell you. There is nothing marked, it is just known that is “his spot”. So basically after your there for a while you learn who has a spot, and you try to find an opening to get you a spot. Ridiculous as it seems, it is the number one cause of altercations in prison.

We had 4 showers in my wing/Block two stalls and one urinal. Showers are individual and have a shower curtain. The bathroom has two stalls and also have shower curtains for the doors. We were issued two rolls of toilet paper a week. More were always available from the unit office if we ran out.

We had a water fountain and ice machine in one of the TV rooms. Attached to the water fountain is a hot water spigot that produces 190 degree water for coffee/oatmeal/dried beans etc…. We had 2 microwaves on the second floor as well. Try to plan your meal in advance. Some people would sit cooking at the microwave for hours at a time. What can you possibly be cooking in a microwave for over and hour? I never figured that one out. I always cooked my meals when everyone else was at work.

We had 5 washing machines and 5 Dryers for roughly 300 inmates. Save yourself the aggravation and give your laundry to the local laundry guy. Its only a Mack and its well worth it.

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