FPC Montgomery – Visiting Schedule, Procedure & Where To Stay

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Federal Prison Camp Montgomery

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about life inside a prison camp, so I plan on covering one of the following topics each week.

Commissary, Restriction while here, Call outs/Cop Outs, Team meetings, Issued Items (clothing Hygiene) Medical/Dental Pill Line, Education, Shots and Infractions, Chapel, Overall dealing with staff, Dining Facility, Visiting, Recreation, and Age differences.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask using the contact form on this site. I will always try my best to answer them.

Where to stay when visiting in Montgomery

Whenever my family came to visit, they stayed in downtown Montgomery. There are four hotels in downtown; DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, & Renaissance. They are all centrally located near restaurants and a taxi ride from anyone of them to the Prison will be about $10. There are some motels closer to the Prison but I wouldn’t recommend them. Most of those areas are pretty rough, infested with drugs and prostitution.

When you can visit FPC Montgomery

Visiting Hours are Saturday, Sunday and Holiday’s from 8:30am to 3:00pm

Driving onto the main entrance of the base you will make a right into the parking lot nearest the gate.  That is the visitors area.  You will not approach the guards, instead pull into the right of them and park. Wait there and a bus will arrive.

Once you get onto the bus you will have a visit from an officer, he will ask for everyone’s identification.  He checks your identification and who you are visiting with a list he carries on a clip board. Once everyone is checked off, the bus takes you directly to visitation. If you want to get on the first bus, get there early. Try to be there by at least 7:30am because the lines can get long. 

Arriving at the prison, you will fill out a form.  You need to know the make, year, model, color of your vehicle parked at the visitors center.  You need to know the license plate number also.  You need to know the ID number or registration number of the inmate you are visiting.  This is all on that form.  Anyone 16 years or older must fill one out.

It’s easier to carry your keys/ID/money in a large gallon zip lock bag.  You can not take in bags that are not clear.  You must have dollar bills or quarters because there are no change machines inside. Bring plenty of dollar bills and change. It was always a nice treat to be able to eat out of the vending machines.

The visiting area is actually pretty nice. There is a large room with benches facing each other and there is an outside area with park benches. The children have a play area and you can also check-out games for them to play with.

There are two sets of bathrooms, one for inmates and one for visitors. There is also an attorney room. The last bus leaves at 3:00 pm, they will turn the lights off and on to signal it’s time to go.  If you want to go before 3, a bus runs every 30 minutes. 

You can avoid all the bus pick up and drop off if you have a military ID.  Then you just drive on post, go through security at the gate and drive to the visitation building.

Ladies, please dress appropriately. No tight jeans, no mini skirts, no low cut blouses. You will be turned away and will not be allowed inside the visiting room until you change your clothes.

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