Prison Call Outs, Cop Outs And The Intercom

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Federal Prison Camp Montgomery

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about life inside a prison camp, so I plan on covering one of the following topics each week.

Commissary, Restriction while here, Call outs/Cop Outs, Team meetings, Issued Items (clothing Hygiene) Medical/Dental Pill Line, Education, Shots and Infractions, Chapel, Overall dealing with staff, Dining Facility, Visiting, Jobs & Hustles, Recreation, and Age differences.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask using the contact form on this site. I will always try my best to answer them.

Call Outs, Cop Outs & the Intercom

The information super highway inside prison is built off of three systems. Call Outs/Cop Outs and the intercom.

I will briefly explain each

Call Outs: Everyday at roughly 3:30 in the lobby of each housing unit, a clipboard with a list of names is posted. It is every inmates responsibility to check the Call Out sheet everyday. The call out sheet lets you know if you have any appointments/classes or a job assignment. For instance when I first arrived I had to go through A&O (Administrative Orientation) my name was on the call out telling me where to be and what time. When you first arrive you are on the list a lot due to processing for medical. They separate every appointment. (Medical is another topic for a week in the future) If you miss a Call Out you can receive a Shot. (Disciplinary action, also another topic)

Cop Outs: The name Cop Out has a negative stigmatism to me. It is the form you must fill out in order to get ANYTHING accomplished in the BOP system. It is a very simple form that asks for your name, number and what you are requesting. It is almost always turned into your counselor for action. Anytime you want a job, change a job, need an attorney phone call, want to take a class, etc. Most likely you will need to fill out a cop out.

Intercom: The intercom in prison is used all over the compound. The cops will start by pressing keys on the key pad of the phone. They will then call the inmates name and where to go. Oddly enough you become very conditioned to the key tones. Whenever you hear the key tones you stop and listen for your name. (Pavlov would be proud)

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